The purpose of this award is to encourage high school students to become Technical Innovators in the fields of Science and Engineering.  This program promotes not only the understanding of the technology but also awards student that are able to convert this knowledge into something functional. The students will take their idea and build it into a practical and working robot.


The next step in the innovation process is gather assistance from others though their motivation and leadership skills.  Sudents work with others on the team to explain their idea and incorporate their concept into a product that functions to accomplishes a specific goal.


The best idea for new technology left in someone's head is wasted.  The ability to communicate a concept to the public is probably the most difficult part of the innovation process.  Innovators must be able to demonstrate to the public the value of their innovation using both written and oral communications.



We need your help:


The 2009 award has been funded solely by private sources.  No other sources of funding were used for this year's award.  The St. Louis Community College Foundation administers the funds for the 2009 season.  They have contributed much time and resources to make this award possible.  A special thanks goes out to Mr. Ashok Agrawal, Dean / Math, Science, Engineering & Manufacturing from the St. Louis Community College for his assistance.


The private funding for 2009 award may not be available for following seasons. Additional funding is required to continue the award for successive years.  Also, additional funding will allow this award program to be expanded to other regional competitions outside the St. Louis area.


As a commercial sponsor, your business will be promoted on this site and on any printed literature.


Tax-deductible contributions to the 2010 award should be forwarded to the St. Louis Community College Foundation with a note indicating that it is for the Technology Innovation Award.

All contributions are appreciated and will be used to inspire our future innovators. 


Thanks for your support.

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