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FIRST Robotics Competition 2009 St Louis Regional Technology Innovation Award

Application Process
The completed Application Form, Report and Attachments must be emailed to   no later than Thursday, April 30, 2009.  No entries will be accepted or altered after that date.
The applicant/s name or any personal identifying information must not be on any of the three pages of the report and attachments. The applicant/s name must only be on the Application Form.
The report, body and attachments, must be in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer.
Students from the same team may submit several reports on different innovations.  An individual student may receive only one award regardless of the number of reports submitted.
Applicant/s must include the names and number of the team and name of any non-applicants that have made a major contributed to the innovation or preparation of the report.
Innovation Report
The report must be submitted in English and on 8-1/2 by 11 inch pages with 1-inch margins on all sides, single-spaced with no text smaller than 12 point.  All fonts must be Arial, Helvetica or sans serif.  Special fonts to indicate symbols or mathematical functions may be used.
The body of the report may not exceed three pages in length.  Up to five attachments are allowed in addition to the three pages of the body. Attachments are for items such as: illustrations, schematic, photographs, software coding, photos, line drawings and the like.  Items in the attachments must be referred to in the body of the report. Outside the bottom margin of all pages must be the title of report, date, page number and field/s of technology as stated on the application.
The beginning of the report must contain an executive summary of less than 100 words.  These summaries will be listed on the web site with links to the complete text of the report.
The body of report may be of any format that skillfully details the innovation.  Although the report need not follow any specific format it should generally include the following four sections.
    An introduction that describes the innovation in general terms and how it is an improvement over exiting technologies use in FIRST robotics competitions. A description of what has been done in the past including limitations of the previous technologies. How this innovation improves on past technologies with a discussion of its benefits and limitations. 
    The body of the report should present engineering details of the innovation.  This section may include any type description of the innovation that may include: theory of concept, function, operation, software, mathematical analysis, stress analysis, testing, theoretical / empirical analysis.  The body is intended for text and the attachments are for graphic illustrations.  All graphics must be imbedded in the document and use only formats compatible with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer.
    A conclusion would summarize the innovation and discuss how this innovation contributes to the advancement of robotics.
    References to any related publications would be beneficial.
Selection Criteria
The applications will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges at the Emerson Center for Engineering & Manufacturing and will primarily be based on the following criteria:
    How this innovation contributes to the advancement of Robotics.
    Ability to skillfully communicate the innovation. The applicant/s should consider the reader as someone skilled in the field and will understand the technology. The description may range from fairly straightforward to very complex depending on what best describes the technology.
    Understanding of the fundamental engineering and scientific concepts.
    Correct engineering practices used in the presentation.
    Well organized, including the use of correct language, grammar and engineering terminology.

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