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FIRST Robotics Competition
2009 St Louis Regional
Technology Innovation Award
The FIRST St. Louis Regional Technology Innovation Award has been established to foster technical innovation in the field of robotics. This award recognizes students participating in the St. Louis Regional Competition who have incorporated an innovative function into their robot and have been able to communicate this to others.
The innovation may be any feature of their robot that is considered different or novel. The innovation does not need to be a totally new concept, just "not commonly used" in FIRST competitions. The innovation must have been incorporated and functional during the 2009 competition.  All fields of science and engineering are considered in this award.
Applicants are required to fully document their innovation in the form of an engineering report. This report describes the innovation in a three-page document.  There are limited guidelines for the report. It relies on the creativity and ability of the student/s to skillfully communicate their innovation.  Uniqueness, contribution to the field of robotics, presentation and an understanding of engineering principles are part of the judging criteria. 
All applicant/s must agree to have their engineering report published on the Technology Innovation web site,  Individual names and identifying information will not be posted on the web site; only screen names will be shown.  The panel of judges reserves the right to approve reports that are published on the web site.
The student/s ability to innovate and to communicate the concept are fundamental in receiving this award.
Academics and financial background are not a consideration in this competition.
Applicant/s will be required to provide a description of their innovation with a telephone interview with the panel of judges.
All students that have participated in any 2009 FIRST competition, in any region, may submit an Innovation Report and have their report published on the web site.  Students that not participate in the St. Louis regional, however not be considered for the cash awards.
The application may be submitted by one or up to three students.   Each participant must have made a major contribution to the innovation and preparation of the report.
Applicant/s must demonstrate an active participation in the 2009 St. Louis Regional FIRST Robotics competition.

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